Timeless Yacht provides any kind of service to design a tailored project helping you to make the best technical and design choice. After the project design is completed, Timeless Yacht offers a possibility to build the yacht in one of the best and serious shipyard around the world,  the quality of these builders are guaranteed by our decades of experience. During the construction, We will survey every building fare to ensure the top quality of the product.


Step 1

Timeless Yacht is able to support clients from the first phase of construction or refit of their yacht. We take care of compiling the information for the technical specifications or revising the specifications. We can also assist our clients and their lawyers in the writing of the contract.


Step 2

After the initial understanding of your needs and providing you the designs, it is now essential to find the right shipyard which can match your needs. The shortlist will be based on their ability to meet your design requirements, delivery times, cost requirements and, most importantly, your expectations.


Step 3

Designs and refinements to the specifications are carried out based on previous meetings. When the client and the design team are completely satisfied, the final agreement for the project is ready to be signed.


Step 4

During the build of your yacht, Timeless Yachts will be on hand to provide advice. They will mediate between the yard, project manager, surveyors and other parties involved on your behalf.


Step 5

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will be with your yacht every step of the way and offers a full range of surveys tailored to the needs of our clients. We collaborate well with brokers, lawyers, and designers, to ensure a smooth experience.


Step 6

When our clients choose us to supervise a new build or a refit, they benefit from all of our expertise.


Step 7

Sea trials are an essential and thrilling phase in the development of a custom built yacht. They provide the designers, builders and technical team with an opportunity to fine-tune the yacht's systems, and to iron out any 'snagging' issues. 


Step 8

The maximum delightedness arrives right at that moment when the customer can't wait to get on the board enjoy the beautiful superyacht.


Step 9

As you enter the most exciting phase of the build and sea trials and delivery are on the horizon, our team will ensure that the shipyard completes all tasks according to the contract. They will then follow up with post-delivery liaison with the shipyard and provide essential support for any warranty issues.


Step 10

After it is launched, the Timeless Yachts will help you at any moment you need with our after sales assistants guaranteed by our decades of experience. After the construction, we will be with you to ensure the top quality of the product.